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Timeless (Historical & Regency)

Since our earliest of days, we have dreamed of being whisked away by a dashing and handsome man. From men of nobility to those of power and stature, the men you'll meet in these stories know just how to sweep their leading ladies off their feet.

Curl up with this compilation of Historical and Regency Romances. These kind of love stories are… timeless.


Participating Authors and their stories: 


Annabelle by Alyssa Drake

A mysterious rock, a secretive stranger, an instant attraction...


An Earl for Ellen by Catherine Bilson

True beauty is more than skin deep.


Tamed by Love by Sandra Sookoo

Only when the heart finds its true match can the soul fly.


Higher Tides, Book 3.5 in the Lost Colony Series by Jo Grafford

Falling for the enemy...


Weaved in Time by Lexi Ostrow

Passion flares and when a magical secret exposes a truth, complications arise and they'll have to decide: live together or live in their own century.


Seeking Charity by Josie Riviera

Does he love the girl she was…or the woman she has become?


Goodwin's Lady by Ava Bari

Sometimes marriage is murder.

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