Romance doesn’t take time off for the holidays, and neither should you. 
Amidst all the chaos of the upcoming holiday season, be sure to snatch up your copy of this compilation. Hunky heroes from all walks of life will fill your eReader. From blue collar to white, from the quiet to the demanding. Allow yourself the treat of sinking into these mouth-watering delights. 
Regardless of your favorite romance trope, this set has something for everyone and will warm up your winter nights.

~ Featuring ~ 

Jocelyn Dex  Krista Ames  Stephanie Morris  Esme Wilde  Kris Jayne  Stephanie Queen

Deelylah Mullin  Donna R. Mercer  Candace Sams  Marie Mason  Eliot Parker

Allyson R. Abbott  Livia Quinn  D. Ann Paris  Helen Scott  Jane Blythe

Devon McKay  Harper Kincaid Rebecca Fairfax  Sharon Coady Christi Barth

Suzanne Jenkins  Tamara Ferguson  Joann Baker & Patricia Mason