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Accidental Attraction 3D box transparent

They call them accidents for a reason.


They’re unplanned, unwanted, and unwelcome.


But what happens when that accident gives you all you never knew you always wanted?


This collection of stories brings you into the worlds of men and women who haven’t planned for what’s about to happen to them.


They haven’t wished for it.


They haven’t been looking for it.


In fact, they probably don’t even want it. Or so they think anyway.


Join these characters as they learn their heart, body, and soul may have different plans than their minds.

Because some accidents are oh so good.


Including stories from:

Desiree Holt

Anne Rainey

Nicole Morgan

Esme Wilde

Krista Ames

Deelylah Mullin

Erin Lee

Rita Delude

Celeste Prater

PE Kavanagh

Olivia Marie

Elvira Bathory

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