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About Us

Romance Collections was created by USA Today and International Bestselling Author, Nicole Morgan. As a true believer in the power of branding, effective management, and successful marketing campaigns, Nicole has designed Romance Collections to bring forth exciting stories, written by talented authors, with eye-catching blurbs and beautiful covers that are aimed at making the reader fall in love over and over again.

Behind the Scenes

PROMOTIONS, PR & Graphic Design- Krista Ames
Krista Ames is an international bestselling author of contemporary romance. When not writing, she is also the owner of a premade cover group. Realizing that promoton is a very big part of an author’s world, she also runs  Bridging the Gap Promotons.
FORMATTING - Deelylah Mullins

Deelylah Mullin offers professional and thorough editing services for authors seeking to provide their audience with the best possible reading experience. She is currently accepting manuscript inquiries in most genres. Who are we kidding? Deelylah is here to make the editing process as painless as possible. Editing professionally since 2012, she's got a book or two under her belt. 

 With twenty-four years experience in the classroom, two of which were at the collegiate level, she is able to leap verb tense agreement in a single bound. Use track changes like a pro, and ensure that elements are consistent throughout a story. Since retirement, Deelylah has been seeking the elusive Spare Time Fairy--even though she thought that little wench would be around a lot more. 
It's never a dull moment withDeelylah and her family. Happily married with six children who keep growing up--despite theDeelylah loudly proclaims they need to stop--they're pretty much a Brady Bunch. Except there's no Alice. I want my damn Alice!  Three fabulous felines take turns tormenting and delighting the humans in the house. She actually deserves whatever she gets out of the two black ones--they're named Puck and Loki. During winters, Deelylah is known to be outside as little as possible, as she lives in the frozen tundra of Michigan.

COVER DESIGN - Megan with EmCat Designs